Postcards from the Edge

Flowers for you, Suzanne.
Who died?
Both of us almost did, for a start.
Who are they from?
They're from the guy
who pumped my stomach.

'' Hope your stomach is better.
You seem to me to be
what my mother warned me about:

A beautiful and overly
sensitive person.''

He can tell from
the contents of your stomach.

l have to be sensitive to need dope.
l'm tempted to marry him
so l can tell people how we met.

Lowell Korshack's on the phone again.
Tell him l'm detoxing.
He's a director l was working with.
l don't want to talk to him.

l'm embarrassed.
l don't have to, do l?

You don't have to do anything
you don't want to.

Except never take drugs and go to AA
meetings for the rest of your life.

Oh, l feel so much better.
What can l say?
The upshot of the whole thing is
that your being in the clinic...

...made you a high risk to do a movie.
They want me to do it.
l talked to the director.

The director is not the problem.
lt's the insurance company.

They won't cover you if you do drugs.
What can l say?

l'm not doing any drugs.
We know. These are businessmen...
...with no knowledge
of creative personalities.

Actors are not treated well.
And actresses are treated like...

...l hate to use the word, but, shit.
l remember when l was 1 5 years old.
Mr. Mayer called me in for a meeting.
He was on the toilet.

We had the meeting
with him on the toilet.

You can be sure he wouldn't have done
that to John Garfield. Correct.

She doesn't like me to talk.
Doris, you better let
Uncle Marty handle this.