Quick Change

...and take him out
before he leaves the ground.

Here he comes.
- He's gonna let one of us go.
- Oldest first.

That makes sense: Save the one
who will die first of natural causes.

You prick.
- I'm gonna vomit.
- We better get him out of here first.

- No way!
- The hell with him.

- It's been decided. I'm the first to go.
- What?!

- Who decided it?
- I did.

It really isn't your decisiĆ³n,
Mr. Adolf Hitler.

- Have you got my money ready back there?
- It's here.

You're the kind of person that gets
innocent bystanders killed.

They're meeting my first demand.
All right, to show this fascist dictator here
how our system works...

...l'll let you folks decide
who will be the first to go.

- Him!
- Him!

- Him?
- Yes!

Let's... Come on. Come on. Let's go.
Get downwind of me.