Quick Change

He ended up giving it to me for 300.
Nice, huh?

God, are you a sucker.
Let's see what's in the trunk.

Thanks. Bye-bye.
Oh, sir, you forgot your map.
And our million dollars.
- Was it Dubuque?
- Des Moines.

- Now can we go to the airport?
- In the clothes we wore out of the bank?

Flatbush is 15 minutes from here.
We'll stop at Woolworth's.
The sky's the limit.

If Einstein here hadn't honked
the horn...

...we could've changed clothes
before they were stolen.

- It was an accident, Phyllis.
- Oh, you know, so was Chernobyl.

But Loomis didn't irradiate anybody.
- Grimm, make her stop.
- Don't worry about it.

When I hit you, start worrying.
And you.

What are you hitting him for
when you wanna hit me?

- What are you talking about?
- Something's bothering you. I remember.

Okay, yeah.
I... I was trying to tell you something...
Shouldn't we be going?
All right, let's go. Come on.
- All right. Straight ahead.
- Right, Grimm.

I'm glad the son of a bitch robbed us.
It's just another reminder of how happy
and lucky we are to be getting out of here.

But not Woolworth's. You said
we should see as few people as possible.

Go to my apartment.
I left clothes there, men's and women's.

Right, that's better, it's closer.
Take the next big left.

Men's clothes. Whose?
Barry Meyers. I mentioned him.
A guy I should have married.
A guy who wasn't certifiable.