Sibling Rivalry

I don't have the time
because I have this career.

That's understandable.
Thanks for the...

What do you do?
I work at Carl's Fish Fair.
I've been there.
I never saw you there.
Probably because the day
I was there, you weren't there.

Because I'd have remembered you.
Thank you.
I gotta go.
You want to make sure
you lock this after I go.

Good night.
Good night, captain.
How's this?
"My darkness descends
deeper than I knew it could.

"Enveloped in the blackness,
I search for some light.

"Maybe now...
Maybe this time."

That's beautiful.
You really think so?
I was really touched.
I really believed it.

Thank you.
I hope everybody else
believes it.

They definitely will.
Do you think anyone
might recognize the handwriting?

No. I wrote like a doctor.
Where did you get all of these?
From my husband, the doctor.
He's a doctor?
The whole family...
they're all doctors.

They get these
samples of drugs...

from these drug companies,
free of charge.

I've got a lot of blue ones
in there now...