Stanley & Iris

My house, 7:30.
Good night, Iris. See you.
Have a good weekend.
Hey, stop him!
He's got my purse!

Wait a minute!
Give me my purse, God damn it!
Give it to me!

Give me my purse,
you little bastard!

Oh, God!
Oh, God!
You OK?
Oh, oh, lady, lady!
Hold it.
I'm trying to help you.

Where'd he go?
Why don't you go after him?

He's in the next state by now.
We're not going to catch him.

He's got my paycheck...
my whole week's paycheck.

Are you OK?
My house keys were in there,
my wallet, my credit cards...

my rosary, my kids' pictures.
That little bastard.

Wrong, lady.
That was a big bastard.

You're out of your head
to run after somebody like that.

Let him have the purse.
Let him have it. Give it to him.

Give it to him. I'd like to
give him a knee where he lives.

Jeez, he could have been high.
You're lucky.

How come I don't feel lucky,

- It's only money.
- Yeah, but it's my money.

When it's yours,
you can be a philosopher.