Twin Peaks

Did you take Laura and Ronnette
up to your cabin that night?

They'd both been up there before.
They was no nuns!

That's where you took the pictures
for "Flesh World"?

That was Laura's idea.
She talked Ronnette
into making them ads.

What did you and Leo
fight about that night?

Bastard hit me with a whiskey bottle!
- Why?
- I don't know, that's why we fought!

I'm bleeding like a stuck pig,
and he's laughing.

So you used Leo's shirt to stop
the bleeding. What then?

I got sick.
I go outside, pass out.
I wake up, I'm laying on the ground.

- Where was Leo?
- Leo and the girls, they're gone.

- What about the train car?
- I don't know nothing about that.

I come down the hill,
Leo's car is gone.

Had to walk 15 miles
back to my own house.

When they brought him in,
he was rambling incoherently.

These things he said to you,
they're pretty incredible.

I know. Let's hope he pulls through.
Well, he's stabilised anyway.
So Leo had to take the girls
to the train car by himself?

- You believe him?
- He's too stupid to lie.

He'll testify against Leo,
we got him.

We got to find Leo first.
- Doc, how's Jacoby?
- He's out of the woods.

Listen...he says he got a phone call
from Laura Palmer.

He was on his way to see her
when he was jumped.

- Any description of the assailant?
- He didn't see him.

But he says he saw Laura Palmer
by the gazebo in Easter Park.

It's not here!
It's not here!