Twin Peaks

Harry, is it true?
- You've found the killer?
- We've arrested a suspect.

- But is it him, Harry?
- I can't release any details now.

I'm sorry. Excuse me.
Leland, there's nothing you can do here.
You should be home with Sarah now.

Yes, you're right.
Of course, you're right.

- You're going back to the hospital?
- No, I'm heading home.

- Thank you, Will.
- Don't give it a thought.

I think you ought to listen
to this tape.

Why's that?
It was Laura's. We found it.
I think it'll help you find
who you're looking for.

- Who might that be?
- Somebody with a red Corvette.

Doctor Jacoby's in hospital
with a heart attack.

- Heart attack?
- He said he saw Laura tonight.

What kind of dangerous game
have you been playing?

Is Jacoby gonna be all right?
I've been very patient
with you, James.

From here on out, I'm gonna need
a better set of answers.

Let's start with why this was
in the gas tank of your bike?

Fine, fine, fine. OK.
OK. Ghostwood, fantastic!
I love it!
All your revisions are included.
Ben, I am so happy,
I can't even say how much.