Vincent & Theo

What do you think?
- I understand this one.

Are you going to ask her?
- Who am I going to ask?

Joanna Bonger.
What am I going to ask Joanna?

To marry you.
I'm not going to ask her.
I'd like but I can't.

You can't because you have syphilis.
And you are the poorest
man I've ever known.

And why?
Why I have no money?

Because I take all
you earn.

Has dad told you
how much did uncle Cent...

get for Goupils?
Has he ever told you?

He's the owner of half France.
Yes, I should talk to him.
I have all planned.
It's very sensible.

Anyone would recover his
investment in two years.

More than that.
There would be benefits.

In three years there
would be a lot of benefits.

You should go and see him.
I'll talk to him.
When will you come back to Paris?
- I don't have any reason to go.

To visit your brother.
- My brother?

Have you come to Amsterdam
to visit your uncle?

And also expected
to meet you.

And you've made it.
And here we are.

Yes, here we are.