Cape Fear

-What're you working on?
-It's English.

We're supposed to read
Look Homeward, Angel...

...which is a kind of reminiscence...
...and we have to attempt something
in the same style.

What's it about, your reminiscence?
The houseboat.
It's not even July 3 yet.
We ought to take two weeks
and go to Wilmington...

:11:28 the old times, dock the houseboat.
I wanted to in early June.
You said you didn't have time.

-I probably don't.
-Yeah, now I don't, either.

Besides, Dani's got summer school
till Labor Day.

Is it really that critical
that she can't miss two damn weeks?

You know,
the alternative was to expel her.

Maybe this Drama teacher from the college
will get her excited about something.

Yeah, about him, probably.
Why'd they have to make such a stink,
like she was on heroin, or something?

I mean, what's marijuana?
You and I smoked a little dope in our time.
In some cultures,
it's considered almost a sacrament.

I realize in ours it's forbidden.
Right up there with incest
and necrophilia and bestiality.

-Worship of idols, cannibalism.
-Do that again.

-Do that again.