Cape Fear

...his eyes just wide open,
and this kind of...

...surprised look.
And then...
...then he died.
He just died, before the vet even got here.
What did the vet say?
-That he was poisoned.

What kind of poison?
-I don't know what kind of poison.
-Jesus! I told you not to let him out.

-I didn't let him out!
-Then how?

I've got an English setter myself,
so I don't cotton to dog killers.

Trouble is, poisoning a dog is just a fine.
But if he's unemployed,
he has to have money...

...or we'll bust him for vagrancy.
We'll give him a full-body strip search.
Jerk a knot in his tail.
All right.
They got so many ways on the books
to lean on an undesirable.

He'll feel about as welcome
around here as a case of yellow fever.

-Hands against the wall.
-Spread them.

-That him?
-Face the wall.

One-way mirror, Mr. Bowden.
He doesn't know you're here.

Yeah, that's him.
Get the shirt off.
-Come on, hurry up.
-Just pass it over to him.

-Hand it to me.
-Knock off the shoes.

Hand them to the other officer.
Pass them to him. Come on.
Put the arms out.
Put your arms out straight.
Roll your palms.
Do what he says.
Turn around, slow.
I don't know whether
to look at him or read him.