Cape Fear

And I felt like...
...I was going to show you.
I guess I showed you, all right, didn't I?
I guess I really showed you.
Listen to me, okay?
Now, look, this guy Cady...
...he's done this kind of thing before.
Now, he's going to do this
over and over again...

...unless you testify
and we take him to court...

And press charges and testify.
I know how it works. I see it every day.
Only this time, I'm on the other side.
I don't want to explain why I was in a bar...
...and how much I had to drink
and what I was wearing.

Not by the people I work with.
Not by the guys that I see
cross-examine other people on the stand.

Just crucify them.
They just laugh about it later.

They'll even ask about you.
Listen to me. I don't care about that.
Well, I care about that.
I'm sure you do, too.
I'm terribly sorry. I'm just terribly sorry.
If this is something personal
between you, the girl and Cady...

All right, come on, Lieutenant.
What are you implying?

Only that there are some things
that are better handled quietly.

Not by the police.
This Cady is planning to rape my wife,
but it's not your problem?

I can't bust someone for planning a rape.
You're a lawyer.
You know that damn well.

-The way I'd handle it...

What, file a restraining order?
I already did.

Just think of Cady as a tiger.
The trick is to get him out of the brush.
How do we do that?