Cape Fear

I thought you promised
to leave all that shit behind in Atlanta.

The humiliation we went through
confessing our dirty little secrets...

:42:18 those sessions with Dr. Hackett.
-We talked that one incident to death.
-Why did you bother?

-Because you asked me to go.
-I mean, why did you bother?

Why did you bother with you and me?
With the marriage?

Uprooting me and Dani? Moving?
Because that's what we decided to do!
You said you wanted to get out.

-What is it I don't get?
-You don't get it.

It's Dani.
I'm just losing my mind here.
You know, had the balls to walk out,
if that's what you wanted.

Like I was going to split,
with you acting the way you act.

Acting? You did some acting.
I don't remember acting.
You don't remember?
Let me refresh your memory.

Remember not working for three months?
Not fixing any meals?

I'm not on fucking trial here!
Do you remember crying every morning
afternoon, evening? Remember that?

I scared you, huh?
What did you think, Sam?
You thought maybe
I was going to kill myself?

-Over you?
-Who else?

You pompous ass.
You wouldn't leave the bedroom!
-I wish you could say the same.
-This what Dr. Hackett talked about.

Digging up the past.
The relevant issue is whether
I've been messing around in New Essex.

And I have not been.
As far as this girl goes, she's just a kid.
That shouldn't stop you.
She's a baby. You gravitate
to people in the same profession as you.

You gravitate to women.
Come on, I'm a lawyer, she's a clerk.
She looks up to me.