Cape Fear

She's just infatuated. I can't help that.
Look, Leigh, I'm scared.
This whole thing has...
I keep feeling that there
is some animal out there stalking us.

I think he wants to hurt us
in the worst way...

...and that's got me frightened to death.
-You really are scared, aren't you?

Somebody finally got to you.
Look, I think...
...he beat and raped her because he knew
that she wouldn't testify...

...that she wouldn't press charges...
...because she knows the system.
I mean, she works in it.
She knows that she'd be on trial.
Then, because she wouldn't testify,
you would assume that...

...there was something
going on between us...

...and it would cause a rift.
That we'd be much more vulnerable to him.
I'm glad we talked about this,
because we can work together.

We can beat that son of a bitch,
the two of us, working as a team.

Jesus Christ.
Yeah, this is great. This is something else.
Oh, shit!
-Here you go.
-I'm sorry, I haven't ordered yet.

That fellow over there
sent this over, paid for and all.

-Which one?
-That guy who is just leaving.

Excuse me.
Cady, come here.
Wait up a second.