Cape Fear

I've been in a real bad mood lately.
Shame, ain't it?

You know what you can do
to brighten my mood?

-Get the hell out of here.

I don't mean this town,
I mean the whole state.

I don't want to see you or hear you
and I don't want to smell you. Leave.

Are you my friend?
No, I'm not your friend.
I thought maybe you were because I like to
plan my comings and goings with friends.

But if you're not my friend,
I'd call that presumptuous.

In fact, I'd call it downright rude,
because I ain't your porch-baby, buddy.

Gee golly gosh. I'm sorry I offended you,
you white trash piece of shit.

I got the all-over fidgets on that one.
You've really shaken me up.
I'm shivering all over.

It's not necessary to lay
a foul tongue on me, my friend.

I could get upset.
Things could get out of hand.

Then, in self-defense,
I could do something to you...

...that you would not like, right here.
-Anytime you feel squirrelly, you just jump.
-You threatening me?

You catch on fast.
I'm well within my rights
to be here and you know it.

-lf I stay here, what you going to do?
-I don't give a rat's ass about your rights.

Watch your step,
you know what I'm talking about.

You going to arrest me?
You a cop? Or were you a cop?

Were you not good enough
to remain on the force?

That's the feeling I'm getting here.
Hope you enjoyed your breakfast.
Ma'am, this belong to you?
-Can I help you?
-I just found it.

Thought you might need it back.
Not to frighten you, but if a dogcatcher
comes across a dog without a license...

...he's liable to think he's a stray
and do God knows what to it.

You know...
...our dog is...
-He passed away.
-What a shame.

Man's best friend and all. Woman's too.
Even without closing my eyes,
I can picture him...

...big, friendly, shaggy,
asleep at your feet...

...keeping you company while you're trying
to finish up those pesky little sketches.