Cape Fear

I'm not so concerned about days.
Stay on him a few more nights.

Do you really want
to resolve this situation?

-Yes, I'd love to resolve it.
-Then I got a suggestion.

There are men that can be hired, by me,
to do a little hospital job on Cady.

What are we talking about here?
Two pieces of pipe and a bicycle chain.
He won't be so scary after that.
I'm a lawyer. Are we agreed on that?
Maybe 2,000 years ago,
we'd have stoned him to death.

I can't operate outside the law.
The law is my business.

-I'm home! Where is everybody?
-In here.

'Evening, ladies. Oh, chicken.
How is everything? Is everything okay?

He was here today.
-Hello, Danielle?

-Is this Miss Danielle Bowden?

This is your new teacher calling.
-From English or Drama?

-So how you doing?

I'm just going down the list,
greeting my summer students.

You sound kind of down.
There's just been stuff
going on around here, that's all.

-Anything I can do?
-I doubt it.

Shit happens, you know,
like the t-shirt says.

You know, all that negativity,
you can use that.

What do you mean?
I'm the kind of teacher that takes
a very personal interest in his kids.

Don't mind me. Everything you're
going through, it's okay, go with it.

The awkwardness you feel,
walking down the street...

...and some leering fool is
making fun of your sexuality...

...the turmoil you feel, extra bad when
that time of the month comes around...