Cape Fear

...the anger you feel
that your mom and dad...

...won't let you grow up
and be yourself, be a woman.

Don't suppress or deny it.
Use it in your life and work.

Okay. I mean...
I'll have to think about all that.
Class is tomorrow in Room 110, right?
No, it's been changed to the theater.
-What better place for Drama, right?

And remember, Danielle, you can use
all those fears to draw upon and learn.

You know this little tune?
"If you want a do right
"All days
"You've gotta be a
"do right
"All night man"
You can trust in me,
because I'm a do right man, okay?

Okay, 'night now.
Okay. Good night.
Honey, I think maybe I should walk you in.
No, it's okay, Mom.
There are a lot of people here.

I'll be right here at 4:00 to pick you up.

I didn't think summer sessions
would be so crowded.

They're just having a big meeting
about next fall's chorus program.

-I have to go downstairs for Drama.
-Okay, 'bye.