Cape Fear

Your honor...
...Mr. Cady wouldn't have
surreptitiously taped our meeting...

...unless he knew that he'd...
This court does not condone...
...feuds, vendettas or vigilantism.
Let me quote our great Negro educator,
Mr. Booker T. Washington.

"I will let no man drag me down so low...
" to make me hate him."
I will grant the restraining order...
...not to validate the malice between you...
...but in the interest of Christian harmony.
You may not come within 500 yards...
...of Mr. Maximilian Cady...
...until such time as the court
may lift the injunction.

King Solomon could not have
adjudicated more wisely, your honor.

I am so offended by the Philistine tactics
of Mr. Bowden...

...I petitioned the A.B.A.
for his disbarment...

...on the grounds of moral turpitude.
Now, if you will excuse us, my client...
:15:16 due back at the hospital...
...for the results of his numerous x-rays.
Kersek, I want a gun.
-I need a gun. I want a gun.
-You want a gun?

Yeah, I need a gun.
-Know anything about guns?
-I don't believe in them. Not in the house.

I'll get you a gun. What kind?
Now, calm down.

-Something simple I can handle.
-Let me see what fits you.

Let me see your hands.

-A .38 snub-nosed special.
-All right. Good.

I can teach you how to use it.
-The first lesson is this...

...don't think of it as trying to kill a man.
-It's an extension of your fist.

You're just reaching out
and knocking him down.

Boom. All right.