Cape Fear

Later on we'll shoot some trees, okay?
That'd be great. Good.
What is it? What?
-Well, Sam...

I give you a gun. You pull it on Cady...
:16:13 will dawn on you that shooting
a man is different than shooting a tree.

Next thing, you know, Cady has the gun.
You'll teach me. I could handle a gun.
He won't take it away.

Best-case scenario:
you kill Cady dog-dead.

Fifteen years to life.
Do you realize that, Counselor?

Oh, Jesus! It's all fucked up, Kersek!
I mean, the law considers me
more of a loose cannon than Max Cady!

Some big-shit attorney has whipped the
A.B.A.'s ethics committee into a frenzy.

There's an emergency session
in Raleigh over the assault.

How did they link that to you?
I went to warn Cady.
I thought it was the decent thing to do.

Maybe I'd scare him. He was wired.
Goddamn fools.
This hearing, it's real important?
Only if I want to continue to practice law.
Cady isn't expected there, is he?
Mr. Cady, he's beyond reproach.
-But you're required to be there.

-When is this hearing?
-It's Thursday morning, 9:00.

The torture begins and lasts for two days.
You have to fly up the night before?
Cady's an opportunist.
If he thinks you're gone for two days...

...that's going to be as tempting to him
as shit is to a fly.

If Cady breaks into your home...
...he can be killed.
But he won't show unless
he's sure you won't be there.