Cape Fear

-I didn't miss the 9:20 to Raleigh?
-I'm afraid you did. There's a 10:20.

It's not that. I have some
important papers for Samuel Bowden.

Was he on the 9:20?
We can't give out that information, sir.
Well, it's just...
...I guess I could send it to him overnight...
...but he might be back, for all I know,
tomorrow morning, and I...

See, I...
My wife and I have been in an accident,
and he's our lawyer.

If I don't get in touch with him,
we could lose this case.

We've already lost our little daughter Dani.
Is there any way to know if he was
on that flight and when he's returning?

It'd really help us.
He'll be back the day after tomorrow, sir.
Bless your heart.
Go on in.
Get down, Sam.
Give me a cigarette.
Slow down. You're outpacing me
two-to-one since you started again.

Just keep track of how many I owe you.
-How'd it go at the airport?
-We did our thing...

...but we don't know if he saw us,
or if he was there.

Set the trap and we'll see.
What if we don't want to see?

Maybe he poisoned the dog.
Sam, watch out for the windows.
You're not allowed to stand up, remember?
-Didn't Cady go after her?
-You don't know Dani.