Cape Fear

If she finds a palmetto bug in her bedroom,
she takes it outside.

You know, she could never kill anything.
Even a six-foot palmetto bug?
Oh, God.
What is that?
It's monofilament line.
I got it from Sam's fishing gear.

I stretch it across the windows
and the doors...

...and tie it to Dani's teddy bear here.
If the bear moves a quarter of an inch,
I know if the holy ghost is sneaking in.

What are you reading?
-Why? Did Kersek quit?

It's just that Cady said...
You want some answers.
Me, too.
I'd like to know just how strong we are...
...or how weak.
But I guess the only way
we're going to find that out is by...

...going through this.
It's just that Cady said to read the book
between Esther and Psalms.

Which is which one?
The book of Job.
Job was a good man. He believed in God...
...and God tested his faith.
He took away everything he had...
...even his children.