Cape Fear

It's hideous, this plan. I mean, barbaric.
They're crazy.
My dad's turned into some kind of...

I don't know what.
Listen to your father.
Do what they say. What else can you do?

Leave. We could go to the houseboat...
:23:28 know, and get lost in any inlet.
Dani, come on.
Don't stay outside.
Do you want to know
what really disturbs me?

Killing this guy.
I mean, taking a man's life.
I don't know if I can live with that.
You may have to.
-Sam, just remember the plan.
-I know the plan.

Damn, it's premeditated.
It makes me an accomplice,
an accessory, an abettor.

It's also excessive force.
The only thing excessive
we could do to Cady...

...would be to gut him and eat his liver.
That might be excessive.
Jesus Christ, Kersek, I'm serious.
No, you're scared.
But that's okay.
I want you to savor that fear.
You know, the South evolved in fear...
...fear of the Indian, fear of the slave...
...fear of the damn Union.
The South has a fine tradition
of savoring fear.

What's the matter?
Don't look over!
She's making me nervous.
What would she normally do...
...if Sam wasn't around to run her home?