Cape Fear

I can't hear you. It's windy out.
What's that?
Are we moving?
'Evening, ladies.
You know my husband has a gun?
Not this gun?
-Is it this gun?
-Where is he?

Resting up. He had a long difficult day.
Danielle, I told you, you can't escape
your demons just by leaving home.

I didn't.
-My parents brought me here.
-Of course.

Where's Sexus?
-Back at the house.

I had hoped we could
read aloud from it together.

Well, I...
-...memorized some for you.
-Did you?

-Did you?

Well, I'm impressed.
Which part?
The part...
:37:37 know what part, you know.
-I don't think you did your homework.
-I did.

What parts were they?
The good parts?
Yeah. They were...
-Were you a good girl?
-I was.

I knew you'd follow me here and...
You know me pretty well, don't you?
Yeah. I do.
You're going to know me a lot better, too.