Cape Fear

Oh, my God!
The people call Samuel J. Bowden!
Do you swear to tell the truth
and nothing but the truth?

-Somebody's got to man the boat.
-Did you swear?

-I'll do it.
-Sit, Danielle.

Don't make light of your civic duty.
You're the jury.

All right, I swear to tell the truth.
What do you want to know?

Was a prior sexual history ever prepared
in connection with my defense?

I'm sorry, Your Honor.
That was argumentative.

An investigator did prepare a prior
sexual history on the alleged victim...

I can ask leading questions, Your Honor.
He is a hostile witness.

Would you care to tell the court
what the gist was of this report?

It was fourteen years ago.
I can't remember that.

How can he answer
when you're hitting him?

Because he's perjuring himself.
He knows damn well what it said.

-Don't you?
-It said that she was promiscuous.

It said she had three different lovers
in one month.