Cape Fear

At least three! And did you show
this report to the D.A.?

I found it when I started representing
myself six years into my sentence!

But there it was in the court file.
Back in '77, you buried it, Counselor.
Would you care to tell the jury why?
Would you care to tell the court why?
Because I know he brutally raped her
and he beat her.

Talk to me! I'm standing here!
Just because she was promiscuous
doesn't justify you raping her!

You bragged that you beat two prior
aggravated rapes. You were a menace!

You were my lawyer!
That report could have saved me
fourteen years.

-You're probably right.
-You self-righteous fuck!

I'm Virgil and I'm guiding you
through the gates of Hell.

We are now in the 9th circle,
the circle of traitors.

Traitors to country,
traitors to fellow man...

...traitors to God!
You, sir, are charged with
betraying the principles of all three!

Can you please quote for me the A.B.A.'s...
...Rules of Professional Conduct, Canon 7?
"A lawyer should represent his client..."
"Should zealously represent his client
within the bounds of the law."

And I find you guilty, Counselor...
...guilty of betraying your fellow man...
...guilty of betraying your country...
...guilty of abrogating your oath...
...guilty of judging me and selling me out!
And with the power vested in me
by the kingdom of God...

...I sentence you to the 9th circle of Hell!
Now you will learn about loss...
...loss of freedom, loss of humanity.
Now you and I will truly
be the same, Counselor.

Danielle, get down on your knees.
Take off your clothes!
Down on your knees now!
Take off your clothes!
Get down on your knees!