Career Opportunities

You ever have any family problems,
you and your daughter?

What the hell
do you think this is?

You got a point.
Would you go
with me somewhere?

- Where?
- Florida?

Wyoming? Spain?
It doesn't really matter,
just away somewhere.

I'd love to.
I just can't afford to be...
capricious and carefree
like yourself.

I've gotta set my sights on
something, and really go for it.

- Night janitor?
- It's a beginning.

- I-I'm lookin' at...
- It's an end.

Maybe if you had
a destination in mind,

that would make all the
difference in the worid.

- Why?
- Well, uh,

I'm just not built to
aimlessly roam the worid.

I'm too conservative for that.
Well, I was thinking
about Los √Āngeles.

Mm-hmm, mm-hmm.
- What for?
- Live, work.

- At what?
- Whatever.

And what about
your father?

When I don't die,
he'll realize I can
make it on my own.

If I do, he'll have the satisfaction
of knowing that I can't.

If he brings me back,
or if I go back on my own,

he's just gonna beat
the shit out of me.

- So it doesn't make a difference.
- Literally?

- Sad.
- Yeah, it's sad.

Until he throws you across
the room, it's sad.

I'm afraid to live with him,
and I'm afraid to live without...

You didn't come to work
to hear this stuff. I'm really sorry.

I'm gonna clean this up.