Class Action

Oh, yes. Hundreds.
Could you tell me about
some of your favorites?

Objection. Dr. Pavel's former
research has no relevance here.

Please answer, Doctor.
There were lots.
The Atlas, that was a terrific car.
Motorcycle Python.
The Python.
Doctor, did it have circuit problems?

No, but I worked on different motorcycles.
Maybe some of the others...

Perhaps like the A100. Do you remember
a defective gasket on that one?

What about CA3200? According to
reports, an axle had to be replaced.

Yes, yes. That was a wonderful motorcycle.
That was the first time we put that linkage
in a two-wheeled vehicle.

The CA3200 was a pickup truck, Doctor.
Objection. Your Honor,
she's testifying for the witness.

Doctor, what is 2762396?
Objection! This is not a math test.
It goes to the quality of his memory.
Overruled. I think, without the report,
the doctor's memory is relevant.

I'm going to allow this line of questioning.
I'm not so good with numbers any more.
Could you please repeat it?

Absolutely. 2762396.
- Isn't that your phone number, sir?
- Objection!

- Overruled.
- How about 94536?

- Objection.
- Overruled. Sit down, Mr. Ward.

Your zip code, sir. 123019?
Isn't that your birthday, sir?
- And 0243?
- Objection, Your Honor.