Crooked Hearts

- What, are you sick?
- No, I'm not sick.

God, I wish I had the time to just lay
around all day and read the newspaper.

Cassie, you don't
read the newspaper.

Exactly, Tom.
I don't have the time, you know.

So, did you and Charley
have an argument last night?

I thought I heard doors slamming.
I guess we did.
What about?
Oh... Charley got Eileen pregnant.
I thought Sam Crawford
got her pregnant.

No. It was Charley.
- Who says?
- Eileen.

I'd never do that.
It's one of my rules.

What, don't sleep with
your brother's girlfriend?

Never do anything with the sole intent
of hurting someone else.

Maybe he didn't.
Maybe he loved her.
Does she love him, Tom?

No, Ask. Charley's a slut.
What are you talking about?

- Nothing.
- Nothing.

Why don't you do something
with your life, Tom?

Well, you're turning weird,
you know...

and idle hands
are the devil's playground.

Figure that one out.