Dead Again

Is that why you've asked me to
come down to death row, Mr Strauss?

- To tell me what a fan you are?
- I'd like you to print something.

After all,
you're so good at that.
I'd like you to print
that I said I loved my wife.
- You loved your wife.
- And that I'll love her...

Of course. Forever. All right.
Thank you, Mr Baker.
Aren't you afraid of dying?
To die is different
from what anyone supposes.

- And luckier.
- That a line from your opera?

It's Walt Whitman.
I can't take credit
for everything, Mr Baker.

You really believe
that you're lucky to die?

What I believe, Mr Baker,
is that this is all far from over.
But you still killed her.
Didn't you, Mr Strauss?

OK, Strauss, let's go.