Dead Again

Everyone was terrified of him,
except Margaret.
It was after the war,
and Los Angeles was so exciting.
Everywhere you went,
people were having fun.

I'm sorry.
To Margaret, a woman
with more beauty than grace.

Thank you very much.
Roman could dance.
He could tell jokes.
He could even read palms.
Not much of a life line, I'm afraid.
But wait. I do see love.
Passionate, everlasting, love.
- Does this work on a lot of women?
- I'll let you know.

Margaret's career was flourishing,
and Roman was confident
that his new opera

would make him as famous in America
as he had been in Europe.

I heard you were once married.
Yes, I was. She's dead now.
How did she die?
To escape Germany,
we had to go through the mountains.

It was a very difficult trip,
and she had a weak heart.

Roman lived in this enormous house.