Defending Your Life

Let's go.
Folks, please.
- Please, you don't want to miss the song.
- We'll get the record.

Ed and I'd like to do a beautiful song.
One of your favorites.

We'll do it a bit different.
This is from me...

:30:18 you.
"That was life
"That's how you lived it
"And now you Little Brains
are here to defend it"

I'm glad we stayed.
Let's go.
"You'll do just swell and if not
"You'll go to hell" Just kidding!
- What's that?
- What?

I don't believe you.
You'll make a great baby in the next life.
Didrt anyone ever tell you,
you carry yourself very stiffly?

Leave me alone. I'm dead.
- How many days are you looking at?
- My lawyer says nine.

- You call him a "lawyer"?
- What do you call yours?

You call him by his first name?
It never occurred to me to do that.

I bet you called everybody
by their first names.

What was your butcher's name?
- What about your mailman?
- Jesse. What was your mailmars name?

No idea.
He was coming to my house
for over a decade and I couldn't tell you.

- Didrt you get him a Christmas present?
- Liquor. I just put it in the box.

- I don't suppose you had a butcher?
- Steve.

- Steve Rubin.
- Seriously?

He wasrt a professional butcher.
He was a buddy who liked to cut meat.

You'd bring him a steak, he'd cut it.
- How many days are you looking at?
- Four.

That's all?
That means you'll go on.
I hope so.
- Sam thinks so.
- Sam does?