Defending Your Life

He wasrt afraid. He was mature.
He was non-violent. Dignified, I call it.
My colleague may believe in
"Hit first, ask questions later"...

...but we're not all that way.
I resent that.
Let's ask Mr. Miller. In the schoolyard,
did you want to hit that child back?

I wanted to hit him back,
but I felt restraint.

You felt restraint. I see.
Is restraint always
the best course of action in every case?

Wouldrt this have been a case
to not restrain yourself?

If you had stuck up for yourself...
...this event would not have haunted you
all your life.

You never forgot this.
You always thought about it.
Hold on. People think about lots
of things throughout their entire life.

You're isolating this incident?
Arert we here to isolate incidents?
Or maybe I don't understand the job.

Your Honors, to save valuable time...
...I submit 11-4-19 as shown
without further comment.

I'm fully satisfied. I love watching this kid.
Anything you want to say?
I feel very good about the "restraint" idea.
Thank you.
You're up.
While we're still in childhood...
...l'd like to show something
absolutely extraordinary.

Could we go to 10-9-15, please?
I'm on probation for stealing books.
They're going to think I stole this.
I'll be expelled.

You won't.
Of course, I will. I'm already in big trouble.