Your girl. She's sure a cute
young lady. She needs someone...

She's got me! Got that!
By the way, I've got news.
They shot one down 2 days ago.
A superb 30 yard moving target.

No body?
They cart their dead away.
Vermin! They say
they even eat money.

Got to get rid
of them for good, see?

Those seed eating faggots...
They'll get it, alright!

Bye Butcher!
Bye Postman!
Think it's for tonight?
I hope so.
Goddamn Butcher!
I know he won't do it tonight.

He dawdles just to piss me off!
It works.
What is he waiting for?
For the new guy to
escape in a garbage can too?

How long did he last us?
A week.
Not counting the bouillon
A week! We finished
the last chunk 2 days ago.

I'm hungry.
I have a pit inside!