That should do it.
What are Troglodists?
Outlaws. It's the big story,
but no one sees them.

Tales to keep people busy.
A typical Capricorn statement!
You lose, I'm Aquarius.
The sign of the future!
The future...
It's soon history around here.
It's so easy to miss a step.
Don't worry about me.
You little brats,
give that back!

Quit sneering,
or I'll whack you one!

I'll beat one with the other!
Give that back,
I won't stand for it!

Nice work!
Little rugrats,...
How'll we get it down?
This is a job for the Australian!
The Australian?
Stand back.
That's some tool!
The Australian is nothing
without its master.

How about that!
So, Tapioca, you find a job?
No, not yet.
That's bad news,
your bill's running up.

Not to mention the rent.
I'm in a bit of a fix.
But I've got some good stuff.

Have a look?
Black market? You're a louse!
But take a look.
What's that?
A rat-call. That's the
female cry. It attracts males.

But there're no
rats left. And what?

That is a bullshit detector.
Try it.
Try what?