Dying Young

- But don't get mad.
- Why?

Well, it has something
to do with...

something you're sensitive about.
My cooking? My clothing? My hair?
Your education.
You know, I have spent
my entire life studying.

Years of lying in a bed reading.
Not what you were doing.

- Sleeping with construction workers.
- No. Living.

I am trying to learn a bit about that from
you, and I want to give you something back.

To, uh, teach you.
Not school, but, uh...

I see in you...
I don't care about
your little jokes or anything.

I see interest...
about things.
Tell me I'm wrong.
Tell me to go to hell.

- Go to hell.
- Tell me you're not interested.

What would you teach me?
Uh, well, you like Klimt, right?
We start with a book on modern art.

You take a look at it, you read it.
Then, uh, we talk. That's all.
- You talk.
- No. I won't. I promise.

Damn it. I know I do that.
You can hit me if I start.

I mean it. Strike me. Humble me.
I will.
My hair looks good.
Don't touch my hair.