You can stay in here
Sekt for Ravenstein
The Allied command in Frankfurt
has appointed my husband mayor

- Congratulations
- Thank you

Excuse me
- Are you the engine-driver?
- I'm the sleeping-car conductor

I don't wish to impose...
...but my family and myself lived
in London during the war...

...and now we're returning
to Wolstadt

But my wife is suddenly refusing
to get off the train

She's very upset about the state
Germany is in right now

Would you be so kind as to
help me set her mind at rest?

If you could perhaps reassure her...
...that Wolstadt has been
spared the havoc of war

We live at 43 Sachsenstrasse
I don't know Wolstadt, but what
I've seen from the train looks bad

But you must help me
I'll never get her off the train
Wolstadt is our home, we can
get a taxi from the station...

My dear, I have encouraging news
Please repeat what you told me
I don't really know Wolstadt...
But you did tell me Wolstadt
had been spared

I only know what I saw
from the train

Did you hear?
Next station is Wolstadt.
You'd better get ready