Frankie and Johnny

The professor from the college just
stuck his hand up my skirt again.

OK. You pour, I'll bump.
- Let me freshen that up for you.
- I always like more.

It's very cold.
I am so sorry! Are you all right?
I'm so sorry.
Helen's in the hospital.
Her neighbour just called.
She thinks this is it.

15 years she works here.
It's a long time.

Do you think she knows we're here?
I don't know.
It's a hospital.
Helen, honey, it's Cora.
Can you hear me?

Excuse me. Could you leave now?
Helen has another visitor.

We're leaving.
We're gonna go now.
We'll be back tomorrow.

Do you think we're gonna
end up like this? Alone.

She's not alone.
She's alone.