And who are them kids Hook's got?
Give him a chance!

Those are my kids, and Hook's
gonna kill them unless we do something.

Help me. Please.
Yeah, come on! Give him a chance!
Well, I should claw myself
with my own hook.

Not to kill Pan when I had the chance!
What have I done?
What have I done, Smee?

Agreed to a preposterous plan,
an absurd war.

Now I'm bound by my
indefatigable good form to wait.

-I'll fix you a nice plate.
-Wait for what?

Whether it be three days or three
decades, he'll always be a fat, old Pan.

I hate being disappointed, Smee.
And I hate living in this flawed body!

And I hate living in Never Land!
And I hate, I hate...
...l hate Peter Pan!
Smee? Smee?
I've just had a sublime vision.
All the jagged parts of my life...
...have come together to form
a complete and mystical whole.

An epiphany.
A " piphy" what?
My life is over.
You've lost your appetite?
Where're you going?
Are you getting dramatic?

Goodbye, Smee.
Captain, why don't we
play with your island?

All the little lndians and
the soldiers and all the Lost Boys?

Here we go.
No stopping me this time, Smee.
This is it.
Don't make a move, Smee.
Not a step.