House Party 2

Late again.
My girl left me.
We've been taught that it's OK
to define ourselves...

in relationship
with others as...

What you doing, man?
athlete, or entertainer...
but never on our own terms
as individuals.

Ralph Ellison brilliantly
explored that theme...

in "The Invisible Man..."
which I can see...
that Mr. Robinson...
is most anxious
to discuss with us.

Come on, man, don't...
Mr. Robinson!
I am?
I am.
"The Invisible Man"...
A great book. A very great book.
Here we go again.
But I always wondered...
why did he call...
the invisible man...
the invisible man?
Everyone is on the edge
of their seats.

I think the author
was trying to say...

that black people...
are like that movie...
where the only way
you could see the guy...

is if he was...
wrapped in white bandages.
So Ellison...
was saying that...
in order for white society
to see us...

we must be wrapped in white?
I am.
Very insightful, Mr. Robinson.
You taught me something.
Could I see you after class?
You're through.
You wanted to see me, sir?
What I want to know is...
do you have the gift
that I think you have...