House Party 2

Women in negligees...
Look at this. Mmm.
...get in free.
Brothers have got to pay.
All of the proceeds go...
to the Christopher Robinson
scholarship fund.

You, boy.
Don't worry about nothin'...
'cause I'm about
to take care of everything.

Yo, Kid.
I'm taking care of everything.
Let me get this straight.
You want a bunch
of college women...

to strip to their underwear,
come to my room...

so you can charge a bunch
of horny motherfuckers...

to be in there with them?
Ladies, six feet.
Wait a minute. Slow down, man.
Not here.
In the faculty dining hall, man.

All you gotta do is...
get the key?
Oh, no. Look, I'm not with it.
Forget about it, all right?
I'm not with it.
Why's he flippin' on us?
Kid, Kid, Kid.
Boy, what you want?
I borrowed this book
from Sidney.

You can give it back to her.
Now, you know
that's not Sidney's book.

It's not?
You're right. It's not.
My mistake.

Yeah, that is your mistake.
Coming around here with that
lame "Do me, baby" mentality...

is another definite mistake.
I'll tell you
what the mistake is.

The mistake is you think
you know everything.

You don't know me. You don't
know anything about me.

Tell Sidney I asked about her,
and I hope she's doing OK.

Look, there's a rally
this afternoon.

It's against the cutbacks
in the ethnic studies program.

So if a man were looking for
Sidney, he might find her there.

Knowledge is power!