House Party 2

Dean Kramer's office called...
and they want to see you
right away.

This is a work study job...
for students...
and they say
you ain't no student!

I thought you were supposed to
be hooking me up for the black.

Yo, brother Robinson,
I'm working on it...

but delicate situations such
as these sometimes take time.

Dean Kramer, I was just...
Thank you, Miles.
The deadline I gave you...
for paying your tuition
has come and gone.

And we do have a policy
of encouraging our students...

be they black or white,
to pay their tuition.

So, it's with great sadness
that I have to tell you...

Dean Kramer, please,
just give me one more week.

I promise I'll have the money.
One more week.
But if you don't have
the money by then...

it really will be it!
Time waits for no man!
Why haven't you called me
about the recording session?

You promised me
I could sing backup.

Listen, Selena, don't sweat me!