Hudson Hawk

Exactly 500 years later, an artist
in the field of cat burglary -

- was getting out of Sing Sing.
He was known as the Hudson Hawk.
Got a coat. Hat.
Here's your personal items.

Here's your wallet.
Everything's in there.

- Don't you want your receipt?
- Keep it.

I've got it, Charlie ... Eddie!
So the Hudson Hawk is getting out.
Remember your capture?

"The world's greatest cat burglar."
Now who gives a fuck?

- I've got a proposition for you.
- No.

As your parole officer,
I've found you a job.

An auction house.
One night's work and you're free.

- No community service.
- I want to do community service.

- I ain't stealing no more, Gates.
- You still impress yourself.

- But guys like you are extinct.
- That's good coming from you.

Aren't you supposed to stop me
from committing crimes?

I can set you up and send you
back here any time I want.

It's a very fine line between
ex-con and escaped con.

Hey, Gates ... do it yourself.
He's got my keys!
I'll be seeing you, Hawk.

Open the gate.
See you around, Mike.