Hudson Hawk

That's the first thing I did.
Taste the freedom.

- So, Eddie, did I miss anything?
- As always, your timing is perfect.

Where's the kiss?
No tongue this time, I promise.

- What?
- You've been expanding ...

Don't say it!
I'm very sensitive about my figure.

I was going to say consciousness ...

Now you're out, what do you
want to do? Entertain some ladies?

Play Nintendo?
Bone some chicks?

What's Nintendo?
Just get me to the Five Tone, Tommy.

- I've got to get a cappuccino.
- You still like those fag coffees.

- Who's your buddy?
- The man knows!

- Did you have any trouble leaving?
- Not much.

Gates just tried to blackmail me
into doing a job.

That rat bastard!
- It had the perfect amount of foam.
- Let's get to the bar.

- Rob an auction house?
- Yes. Are you going deaf?

- I'm not going deaf.
- Just get me into Five Tone.

Don't make fun of my hearing.
You're going to love the bar.

The Five Tone Bar and Grill.
At least one thing will never ...

A couple of brokers stopped in
for spritzers one night.