Hudson Hawk

Ketchup with pasta.
Stupid American.

Come on, Pierre, read my lips.
Steak burger. French fries.

- This is France.
- Actually, it's Italy.

To be in Paris and in love.
They had the worst ketchup
when I was in prison.

- Prison?
- I was a warden.

- How long were you in?
- Well, I never saw "ET."

You were in the joint.
Doing hard time.

It's funny, but that excites me.
- I have a thing for sinners.
- Well, I have a thing for sinning.

- Where'd you get the hawk?
- In New York.

And the name Hudson Hawk?
The hawk is a slang word
for the cold winter wind.

I grew up in Hoboken
on the Hudson River.

- Hudson River.
- Hudson Hawk. And these?

I fell on some chickens.
Does it hurt?
Maybe I can make it feel better.

Okay, see what you can do.
Don't tickle me.
I've got to tell you something.
I'd better whisper it to you.