Hudson Hawk

- they'll want to make a deal.
They buy the Codex and we bust them.

- What happens to Hudson Hawk?
- I wouldn't worry about him.

He's going to be in very good hands,
but you look really tired.

You should go back to Rome
and get some sleep. Kit Kat.

See that Miss Baragli
gets home safely.

Arrivederci, baby.
- Why didn't you let me kill her?
- Close call.

But she's our only link
to the Vatican organization.

Bunny Mayflower!
Forgive me, Father,
for I have sinned.

- Hit me with your best shot.
- I betrayed a man.

- A good man. A thief.
- Anna, what are you trying to say?

The CIA have double-crossed us.
Hudson Hawk is not a bad man.

He came into a world where crime
is a legitimate business tactic, -

- but he knew right from wrong ...
and we kind of messed around.

My God! That is terrible!
Messed around!

17 Hail Marys
and five minutes outside.

So Hudson Hawk is not willingly
working for the Mayflowers, -

- but Kaplan and the candy bars are.
The CIA is using me
to keep us away from Mayflower.

The Pope warned me
never to trust the CIA.

If the Mayflowers get control of the
gold machine, we'll all be ruined.