This summer dust is ruinous to my lungs.
I hope the air will be better in Angers.

The Duchess d’Antan has invited you too?
- Well, yes.
- How delightful.

Please continue, dear fellow.
- Good day, Countess.
- "(gasps)" George!

- I’m sorry I frightened you.
- (baby cries)

I had the most fearful dream.
Blandine was a terrible creature
with fly’s wings

that was draining my life from me.
They are deadly little charmers.
Chromatic glissando.
The wings of a butterfly.
Or the wrath of God.
(baby cries)
He wakes the baby,
then complains about the crying.

- How is Franz?
- He’s a saint. Sublime.

He’ll even stay that way
if you don’t marry him.

Yes, well, there’s no danger of that.
The count won’t divorce me.

Since I left him, he won’t even allow me
to see the children.

Well, now you’ve begun a new family.
Still, I prefer to be married.
I know you thumb your nose at all that.
It’s funny.
I thought I’d die of suffocation
when I was married.

Now it’s my freedom that’s killing me.
(baby cries)
Tell me, have you been invited
to Angers next week?

The Duke and Duchess d’Antan
have asked us to their estate.

(baby screams)
Where is that wretch? Excuse me.