- Do you pray, Baroness?
- If you must know, I’m secretly devout.

- Do you ever hear an answer?
- To my prayers? Well, no.

There... is the answer.
Ah, you mean Monsieur Chopin.
How clever.

It’s very rare to hear him play, you know.
The Duchess d’Antan is having him for
a whole fortnight at her house in Angers.

I could only wish I were a fly on the wall.
Except that they already have
crowds of flies down there.

I do find the provinces beastly.
- (applause)
- Monsieur Liszt will play next.

- Ah, George. I read your...
- In a minute.

You’ll want to sit over here, my dear.

The respectable people are over there.
- Could you point out Monsieur Chopin?
- Chopin? But he left.

Don’t you know him?
He’s frail as a holy wafer.

Look at those hypocrites.
They’ve shunned me all evening.

I’m thrilled not to be one of them
any more. Their lives are so boring.

You see?
Every single one is throbbing for him.

They know perfectly well
why I ran off with him.

For his teeth.
(plays theatrical piece)
(shrieks excitedly)