Thank you, young man.
What a magnificent horse.
Must have been a great hunter.

I’d invite you to my home for a drink,
but I’ve got a house full of fops.
Guests of my wife’s.
I won’t let her move to Paris
so she’s trying to bring Paris here.

Still, it’s her money. And I love her for it.
Where are you staying, lad? At the inn?
That is either Monsieur Chopin
or Monsieur de Musset.

- You haven’t invited Alfred?
- I’m afraid so.

Do you think it’ll be a disaster?
Why do you laugh?
This will be judgement day for George.
She should pay for her sins
like any other fallen woman.

She can’t avoid everything
by being a man.

That’s not Alfred at all.
This gets better and better.

- Who is it?
- Félicien Mallefille.

- He’s the children’s tutor.
- He can discipline those two savages!

I wonder where I shall put him, though.
In George’s room, of course.
That’s what he’s accustomed to.

He is a handsome brute!
How does she merit all these men?
"(Marie)" He looks angry.
I don’t think he appreciated
being left behind at Nohant.

- George!
- George!