- Not at all. We’ll have a horse sent in.
- "(Marie giggles)"

What is the subject of your play?
- Noah and the flood.
- "(laughs)" How appropriate!

"(George)" Oh, this heat! Will it never end?
Here sits my stupid lout of a husband.
I don’t know what God sees in him.

I hate those things. Can I see that?
You don’t remember them
because you didn’t write them!

I can’t remember them
because they’re shit!

Ah, children.
You are wanted in the theatre. Now!
There you are!
You must hurry.
Hurry up! Get into your costumes!

I am as excited as if it were an
opening night at the Comédie Française.

- You rode over in all this rain!
- A new play! This is a real treat!

Our artists have been up all night making
their costumes. It’s terribly exciting!

You’re not acting in this piece?
I have no stomach for farce.
I am here to cue you.

When I signal you like so,
you must play something
which suggests rain.

I expect this will be very amusing.
Alfred and George have really
outdone themselves this time.