Do you know, I think
they are still in love with each other.

- Clap.
- Good evening.

I am God.
I have grown disappointed
in my master creation, the human race.

I endowed them with everything.
The riches of the land, sea and air.

And enough intelligence to worship me.
But they have become
arrogant and pampered.

I shall destroy them.
All except for one man and his family.
"(Duchess)" Ah!
This is my servant Noah
and his wife Noette and their children.
Into their hands
do I place the future of mankind.

Oh, this heat! Will it never rain?
Here sits my stupid lout of a husband.
I don’t know what God sees in him.

Ah, who can express
the despair of youth married to age?

My husband is 600 years old
while I am but 150!

A dove! Ha!
What luck!
There will be good hunting today!

It has begun to rain! Stupid, stupid rain!
Yes, I have sent the stupid rain
to fall upon the earth

and stupidity
shall engulf all its inhabitants.

Hurry now to the ark
and fill it with two each
of the creatures of land, sea and air.

Lord, we have no need for animals.
Art alone will save the world.