We’ll need two of everything.
Two poets, painters, musicians...

They will not come - your conversation
is not witty and you have no ideals.

"(laughs)" True.
But we shall also give them free food
and lodging for 40 days and nights.

We shall also need two playwrights,
two composers,

two makers of velvet flowers.
Now you go too far.
But it is an art, surely.
Noette, come quickly!
This stupid rain is up to our waists!

We are now half-stupid!
Soon we shall be completely stupid!

No matter! We shall have geniuses
surrounding us on the ark

and so our stupidity shall be concealed.
I want no further part of this production!
Madame Sand, you insult our hosts.
But... it’s in the spirit of fun,
Monsieur Chopin.

You disgrace our position as guests.
I for one was not brought up
to repay generosity with impertinence.

You want everything dusted with sugar,
like your music, Chopin?

You should know art does not apologise!
I shouldn’t grieve if I never saw
another artist again in my whole life.

At last you’ve come to your senses.